Bedom Apartment

Different from traditional hotels, the Bedom Apartment is a mid- and high-end apartment brand built by an experienced professional team. Besides basic facilities, it provides household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and a modern kitchen for the middle class who pursue quality accommodation and a distinctive brand, so that they will truly “feel at home during the journey”.
In forms of executive Apartment、holiday apartment 、 inns、homesday、, holiday villas,、holiday resorts、wooden houses、tents、RVs、etc., the Bedom Apartment can meet the personalized accommodation requirement of different customer groups, such as family travel, business travel, personal adventures, leisure and elderly care accommodation.


Originated from ancient French, Resplendent is born with elegant and royal temperament. By definition, Resplendent means being gorgeous and shining, a response only to the splendid life, since only the splendid is worth striving for, and only those always on the way deserve the splendidness. At this moment, I encounter resplendence; and quality is the tone of my life. My footprints are left on the busy business trips, while my vision to the distance is recorded by the relaxation of the journey. I keep starting out and seeking, in the belief that there will be a place shining my sail: so I am setting out again for a promising future! In line with the product development concept of “making every hotel unique and feeling at home”, Resplendent has built three product lines of “Resplendent International, Resplendent Grand, and Resplendent Collection” to attract customers with service and occupy market with quality, creating a leading brand of independent mid- and high-end hotels in China.

01Precise market positioning

Spreads all over China, With its focus on the large accommodation industry, Bedom Group has been committed to becoming the leader in reducing excessive inventory in the real estate industry and upgrading the accommodation industry based on the post-real estate market.

5 core advantages

02International management business model

Having solved problems such as unsalable real estate, Five-star British-style butler service, open entrustment cooperation and non-standardized accommodation products are integrated.

03Professional management team

A team of senior experts from hotels at home and abroad and apartment groups are brought together at Bedom Group, offering integrated support covering professional assessment and guidance and follow-up assistance from preliminary on-site investigation, funding, preparations, official operation, to post-operation management, quality and safety control, revenue management, emergency plan for crisis public relations, and operation analysis, etc.

04Precise brand marketing

Online and offline diversion channels should be promoted in an all-round way. 3 million loyal Bedom Club members, an adequate member marketing system, and fission marketing by old and new Bedom Club members.

05Strong technical support

Bedom Online Information Technology Co., Ltd., wholly-owned by the Bedom Group, integrates website construction, B/S system development, internet marketing and information service, and has independently developed applications including CRS, CRM, ERP, PMS, Owner’s Management System, Comment Management System, etc., to realize seamless online and offline connections.

Customers like Bedom's reasons

Service guarantee
Excellent value for money
Humanistic feelings
New accommodation

Requirements for franchise

  • Capital cities, municipalities and economically-developed major cities in China
  • Located near large commercial centers, CBDs, convention centers, entertainment centers, transportation hubs,or national AAAAA tourist attractions
  • Room requirements: More than 50 fully-furnished rooms with interior finish, covering an area no less than 2000m2, and the building area of a single apartment is not less than 40m2.
  • Years or rental: The tenure of property is 5 years or longer.
  • Clear title. The property must be renovated or modified according to the Bedom standard, and the property nature is preferably “business service” or “modifiable to business service”.

Cooperation Process

电话 01 Franchise application
折线图 02 Project inspection and evaluation
合同 03 Contract signing & fee payment
筹备 04 Operational preparation
检验 05 Quality inspection
运行 06 Starting operation
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