Bedom Gruop-Beijing Jinshanling Fusion City Cooperation Signing Ceremony

Strategic Partner Of Bedom Group


Why owners trust Bedom

Bedom helps to improve brand value

Urban Residence、Holiday Resort came into being to meet the needs for short-term rentals, a non-negligible factor influencing the value of real estate brands.
If such apartments are mixed into free market under low level of management, the value of the real estate brands will be eventually harmed due to unorganized management, declining property quality and dissatisfaction of owners.
With Bedom as its strategic partner and the support of professional Bedom apartment management services, the exclusive Property developers can enhance the quality and brand value of these apartments they developed.

Bedom promotes sales and after-sales service

The professional rental management service of Bedom frees owners from future worries about apartment management and offers them a good return, while improving the quality of the projects. With Bedom service embedded in marketing, coupled with the strong online and offline Bedom channels, realtors will significantly improve their property sales performance and after-sales service.

Cooperation Process

电话 01 Franchise application
折线图 02 Project inspection and evaluation
合同 03 Contract signing &Cost payment
筹备 04 Project preparation
检验 05 Quality inspection
运行 06 Starting operation
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